Chloe’s Call To Action

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  1. Thank you so much Chloe!I think that there is a massive divide now, those that see the truth and those that are simply not interested! We must leave them be! Love, Gwynneth x

  2. Well said Chloe. Summed up beautifully. I agree with both sharon’s and Gwynneth’s comments. People are beginning to wake up, but it seems too slowly. I feel the divide, especially in my own family, where my husband, children (in their fifties) and my grandchildren all consider me a crazy, tin-hat conspiracy theorist.

    The trouble for me is that when you find something out, no matter how much you wish it wasn’t true, you can’t, ever again, claim ignorance.

    My awakening began about five years ago. Three things happened. Firstly I became vegan, having been a vegetarian for the previous thirty six years. Secondly and sadly, my thirty-year old foster-son died whilst he was away from home and thirdly, I suffered a sort of heart-attack, called a Tacutsubo (also referred to as broken-heart disease). I’m glad to say I am now fully recovered and refuse to take the drugs the medical profession are convinced I require. I also have the blessing of the beautiful fifteen year old grandson (my foster-son’s son). All of these events seemed to change my world and forced me to become much more of a seeker after truth.

    Eighteen months ago, our local council attempted to commit fraud by charging my husband and myself £5,700 a year for living (just the two of us) in our house of 32 years, on which the mortgage had been paid off years before. Our council tax was usually around £2,900 pa but they decided we occupied three instead of one dwelling.

    I found quite a few websites that cover council tax (and every other tax) fraud and I am still continuing my fight with my fraudulent council (or should I say rip-off corporation). I first heard of your brilliant organisation on Jason Liosatos’s, Outside the Box, which I never miss.

    Hopefully many more will join your organisation. If this Cornholio (as Mike Morales calls it) planned-demic doesn’t wake a few more up, nothing will. Love Viv x

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